Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Heismanpundit on Matt Ryan

Last week I linked to an ESPN article calling Matt Ryan a Heisman candidate. Despite my love for Matt, I think he is the longest of longshot. In order to get a more informed and unbiased opinion I asked Heismanpundit his thoughts. He agrees:
The real problem is that Ryan, a senior, has not had the set-up season needed to mount a serious run at the Heisman, especially since he plays for a non-traditional-power school like BC. Last year, he threw for 2,942 yards and 15 touchdowns and had 10 picks. His efficiency rating was 126.7, just behind fellow ACC signal caller Sam Hollenbach.

Heismanpundit has broken down all sorts of routes to the trophy and this year's most likely winners.

Ryan is respected around the ACC, but BC will have to win nearly every game for him to get national attention.

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