Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BC Coaches in their first year

I’ve focused a lot (maybe too much) on Jags’ time as Offensive Coordinator at BC. Maybe it is time to look at how other coaches performed in their first season on the Heights and what sort of indicator each season turned out to be. To keep this somewhat brief and relevant, I focused on the modern era (divisional football) and started with Yukica.

YearCoachRecord Win Pct
Year 1
Win Pct Change from
Predecessor's prior season
Win Pct
for BC Career
1968Joe Yukica6-3.667+.267.648
1978Ed Chlebek0-11.000-.545.364
1981Jack Bicknell5-6.455-.182.517
1991Tom Coughlin4-7.364.000.614
1994Dan Henning7-4-1.636-.114.458
1997Tom O’Brien4-7.364-.053.625

As you can see, first years were rough. Only Yukica improved on his predecessor’s previous year. The first year also proved pretty telling for future success. The guys who struggled more tended to have a less successful career at BC.

As for Jags, despite our tough ACC schedule and the high bar of 10 wins, I think he has the chance to join Yukica as the only guy to improve the team in his first year.