Thursday, June 07, 2007

Meet the neighbors; Ticket issues…at Tech

The Globe profiled some of BC’s local and vocal critics. Included in the article is the Brighton blogger I linked to last month. The article rehashed many of the same old laments from both sides. I strongly side with the school in this sort of stuff. All of these neighbors benefit greatly from BC, BC predates all of them, and BC makes an effort to be a good partner and member of the community. What happens in return? Lawsuit after lawsuit. Keeping BC from building dorms yet complaining about off campus students is the ultimate proof that there is no pleasing these people. While I like the green space that the new Brighton extension represents it would serve these neighbors right for us to put a few mega dorms and the student center over there.

Donor Based Seating Somewhere Else
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…city school with a midsize stadium implements a donor based seating program to stay competitive in today’s college sports. Numerous longtime fans object and give up there tickets. In this case, it is not BC, but fellow ACC school Georgia Tech. This move was the talk of Atlanta sports radio this morning. A point that came across, that I think often gets missed when BC fans discuss this, is that this move raises the bar and expectations for the program. Watching the Athletic Department pat itself on the back about seven or eight wins and a December Bowl is not acceptable when you are asking people to shell out big bucks. I don’t think the donor based seating concept is perfect but if it gets our fan base more engaged and puts greater expectations on the program, I am all for it.


BBBC08 said...

Silly neighbors aside, I think the issue that doesn't get talked about much is what will happen to the seminary itself. The archdiocese ordained 7 new priests this spring and has classes of up to 12 coming in the next couple years. A large number of the seminarians are at St. Johns. The archdiocese will retain the actual seminary building, but the rector has already resigned after the sale, and the proposed land use honestly seems to point towards St. Johns closing or at least a very detrimental effect on the seminary. It's great to see BC expand and grow, but the effect on the Church in Boston (to which BC owes so much) should be considered.

ATL_eagle said...

The seminary can go anywhere. BC cannot. I know that BC owes a lot to the Catholic community but remember BC stepped up when the archiocese needed help and gave them much needed cash for one of their assets.

BCDisco said...

Let's also remember that BC has helped a few local Catholic schools to stay open too. Not to mention the merger with Weston Jesuit, Church in the 21st century program, the new business program for those running parishes, etc. BC has done enormous good for the Church in the past few years in addition to the large sums of money given.

Eagle0407 said...
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