Monday, July 16, 2007

Jags as OC: Season 2, Navy

BC lost this game in a gut wrenching fourth quarter meltdown. Even after letting the Middies back in the game, BC was able to drive into field goal range. Matich missed and BC lost 32-31. I don’t know when TOB decided to make a change defensively, but I am sure squandering this lead played into the decision. On the flipside, Jags’ offense played well.

Stat Line

First downs 32
Rushed-yards 40-241
Passing yards 369
Sacked-yards lost 0-0
Return yards 20
Passes 30-45-0
Punts 4-42.8
Fumbles-lost 0-0
Penalties-yards 7-59
Time of possession 33:15

What can we learn from the game? Offensive explosions guarantee nothing. Look at those stats. BC moved the ball at will. Mutryn had the best day of his career. Cloud ran for 186 yards. The line was perfect. BC didn’t turn the ball over. Yet, we lost. The only fault the offense could take was not killing more clock late. You could also gripe about the drives stalling out...but this loss was really on the defense.

I hope that Jags remembers this game because the lesson is important. You can never let up. The defense and the offense could have locked this game down. Because blown leads would become a hallmark of the TOB era, I’ll give Jags a pass on this loss.

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flutie22phelan20 said...

Bill, I feel very sorry for you that you had to watch that game over again. That was one of the first in what proved to be a very, very long line of WTF losses.

Nothing like getting repeatedly shocked by play action passes when you're up 20 points