Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Want to work for BC football?

Regular reader Nick pointed out an interesting job posting on the BC site. (You have to click “view jobs” and then look at the fifth position down.) It seems like the football team is hiring an Assistant Football Recruiting Coordinator. I imagine they already have someone in mind and BC HR makes them post it publicly. The description does provide an interesting look into the low-level jobs around big time football. These guys deserve credit for taking little money and long hours just for a small shot at the big time.

ESPN posted their Blue Ribbon preview of the ACC. Ryan, Cherilus and BC all received accolades. (Thanks to Tim for the link).

More Brighton nonsense. What a surprise: the whole City Council opposes expansion.

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matthew2 said...


Another one from the feature on SI about the "best game i've ever seen"... It doesn't really mention much about BC, though.

1995 is a bit before my time at BC, but I'm sure some readers remember that Beanpot.