Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More headscratching coverage from the Globe

Yesterday I whined about the Globe not filing any original stories from the ACC Media days. Today they did post something from new BC beat man and former National College writer Mark Blaudschun. What angle did he take? “The new coach at BC”; or maybe “TOB adjusting to Tobacco Road”; or how about “Overcoming the tragedy at Virginia Tech”; or he could use his years of experience and network of connections to post “an insider’s look at rule changes and rumors.” Readers got none of that. Instead he wrote a blustery feature on Bobby Bowden. Unbelievable. How is the Globe going to sell more papers or drive more readers to Boston.com with this sort of coverage?

Fortunately the Herald posted a Jags article and a TOB article. Neither piece was earth shaking but at least we got quotes from the two most relevant figures in BC football.

Contrary to the Globe, a lot of the ACC papers led with Jags stories. Here are a few of the better ones:
-- Coaches mark new look of the ACC
-- BC's Jagodzinski and Miami's Shannon have high hopes for their teams this year
-- Jags on the texting rules

Of course TOB got some play. This was one of the better articles.

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Xman said...

The Boston Globe coverage of Boston College athletics is sickening. It covers a spurious story involving a "fight" involving two of its star players as well as the troubles of former BC OL superstar Mike Ruth. Yet, it refuses to cover the BC program as its brand new and enthusiastic head coach attends the annual ACC meetings. Instead, it reports on the stale topic of Bobby Bowden. The Globe's coverage reeks of anti-Catholicism. Kudos to the Herald for its brilliant coverage.