Monday, July 23, 2007

Cheers for the Herald; Jeers for the Globe

For the second straight year, it appears that the Globe did not send anyone to the ACC Media days. Inexcusable. What is most upsetting is that there are a millions stringers (free lancers) who would die for the chance to file a story with the Globe. Yet the paper of record in Boston doesn’t even both with coverage. Fortunately the Herald was there. Steve Conroy posted a feature on the changing offense and one on Dunbar.

The Globe did have some BC coverage on Sunday…only it was nothing any fan would want to read. The paper published a long, sad feature on former BC star Mike Ruth. Ruth’s life has been unraveling. Depressing story but certainly worth the read. It seems like the only thing keeping him afloat are old BC friends and teammates.

Other takes on the ACC and BC…

I guess some people think Matt Ryan looks like TOB. Never saw the resemblance, but maybe because my hair and complexion are closer to TOB’s than Matt’s ever will be.

This story plays up the animosity between TOB and his former players. Hopefully they’ll channel it into a win against NC State.

Sundaymorningqb thinks we’ll be in the middle of our division.

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Anonymous said...

I really do enjoy Steve Conroy's column.Tisk,tisk to the Globe.