Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rivals update and other links

Rivals posted their BC preview today. The Eagles come in at No. 16. Higher than any other released ranking. Hopefully it is a sign of good things to come.

More on ACC schools hitting up season ticket holders for donations. I'll have and interview with someone from the Flynn Fund in the next few weeks.

Former Eagle Marc Parenteau is still hanging on in Canada.

BC is looking to sell some of its land outside of Boston.

I'll have another position post later tonight and a Jags as OC post Friday.


flutie22phelan20 said...

I hope you'll ask the Flynn Fund rep a question about why the school decided not to grandfather in some season-ticket holders under the new plan.

I think many people, including you and I, agree that DBS is a logical and necessary fundraising tool. Yet, the exectution was flawed. There's no way that ticket holders above the age of 65, or those who have held tickets since Ed Cheblek's 0-11 season (and yes, I would use that season as the bench mark) should now have to pay for where they sit. They've paid enough in loyalty. And BC, I think, lost a lot of good will in failing to just carve out that small slice. It's a family school, and I think BC fell from the good graces of a quite a few families.

DBS may be the way the world works, but I'd like to think BC does things with a certain class--a "BC way," if you will. That was decidedly missing here.

ClassO10 said...

I know I am currently in school and not effected by the DBS yet, but I couldn't agree more flutie22phelan20. This really hit some of my relatives hard, and I am very upset they might have to move from where they were sitting.