Friday, August 31, 2007

One day away!

First a little video from Vinny '03 to get your primed for Saturday.

Great article in the Herald on Steve Logan. It really is a shame he didn't come to BC ten years ago. This quote stood out as an example that he and the new staff understand BC.
“You’re talking about one of the best combinations of athletic ability and intellect,” said Logan. “You’re not all the way at that end where your academics are so out of sight where you can’t get a player. And then you’re not all the way on the other end where you’ve got a jock-ocracy going on.”

Here's a coverage map to clear up any confusion on what game your local ABC station will carry. If you're not on the east coast, you better find a sports bar or get ESPN Gameplan.

SundayMorningQB likes our chances of being one of the surprise teams of 2007.

During the game CSTV will have a live blog of different game including BC-Wake.

Here are some injury updates on the Deacons.

Saragin likes us more than most pollsters.

Here's an overview on the game from ACCNation.

TOB, Petercuskie and Scott Dragos look back on TOB's first game as head coach of the Eagles.

For those of you who are reading the blog for the first time this season, here is what the weekend schedule will look like:
-- Saturday morningish: Gameday post. Nothing of real substance, maybe a link or two. The purpose is to open up a post where people can comment on the game. I will not be online during TV games.
-- Saturday afternoon/night: Postgame post. Usually just a quick take. Very happy when we win. Gloomy when we lose. Once again feel free to comment.
-- Sunday afternoon/night/Monday morning: Second viewing thoughts and grades. I rewatch each game a second time with a notepad and TIVO. (Yes, I know I am nuts.) I've been doing it for three years and it is very enlightening. Because of the little one my Sundays are not as flexible as they used to be so this may occasionally get posted very late Sunday night or Monday morning.


Chris said...

Looking forward to the post-game analysis, bill. One question on the coverage map - do you have any idea why the NYC area won't get (and if this year is like last year, never will get) the BC broadcast. Has Gene ever commented on why someone in the biggest media market 3.5 hours outside of boston has a better chance of watching Iowa than BC?

Haz said...


Re: coverage map

Isn't there some sort of "reverse mirror" thing going on here where if you aren't getting the game on ABC you are instead getting it on ESPN?

ATL_eagle said...

Yeah, no idea how the reverse mirror thing is working. I would contact your local ABC affliate to get info.

Chris, NYC has been a Big 10 market for a long time because of Penn State. I don't think that is ever going to change, even with BC's success. Not much Gene can do about it. It really has to come from the ACC and ABC.

Bravesbill said...

BC is trying to do everything already to lose this first game. BJ Raji is academically ineligible to play tomorrow. How can someone be academically ineligible before school starts?!

BCNorCal07 said...

Losing BJ is a big blow, but I don't care. I'm still excited. I've had itch all summer and all I wanna do is sing "For Boston" a whole lot. Too bad we're not getting the game out here in Nebraska. But who cares! GO EAGLES!

ATL_eagle said...

Bravesbill, glad to see you are already in midseason form. Keep faith that we'll be ok.

Bravesbill said...

I think the defense will be alright but my question is simple: how do you become academically ineligible before classes even start?! He must be exceedingly dumb, comparable to the likes of Borat's brother Billo.