Friday, August 24, 2007

Season Prediction Part II: best case scenario

Given the set up of our schedule, the new staff and our veteran team, this could be a fantastic season. And as Jags has been reminding us in the media, BC has been only “one game away” the last three seasons. Is this the year we get over the hump? I hope so, but remain cautiously optimistic. If the perfect season happens, this is how it could play out. Monday I’ll post my real predictions.

Best case scenario

Wake Forest. Win. No trip ups against the Deacons this year. BC runs away against a young and undermanned Wake Forest defense.

NC State. Win. The perfect day. Perfect weather, perfect day from Matt Ryan under his new QB coach, the defense shuts out Dana Bible, and bitter fans mock TOB. Everyone goes home happy.

At Georgia Tech. Win. A very tough game but the victory sends notice to the college football world that BC is for real. The team is in great position due to the 3-0 conference start.

Army. Win. Things are clicking. Not even interesting.

UMass. Win. This team is too good to have a letdown against a DIAA team. Chris Crane plays well most of the second half giving fans a glimpse of 2008.

Bowling Green. Win. Another easy game. BC is now ranked 11 and undefeated heading into Notre Dame. Fans are just a tad bit excited.

At Notre Dame.
Win. Notre Dame is still rebuilding so the win isn’t as big as some of the other triumphs over the Irish, but BC is now in the top 10. Campus gets a little rowdy Saturday night.

At Virginia Tech. Loss. The bubble bursts. BC plays a little sloppy against a very good VT on Thursday night. Jags and the players say all the right things and are still focused on winning the division.

Florida State. Win. Florida State is better than they were in 2006 but still not all the way back. BC has another impressive showing and Ryan looks like he’ll be a Heisman finalist.

At Maryland. Win. Maryland overachieved last year. I think this year will be more of a struggle for the Terps. BC wins with ease.

At Clemson. Loss. Another epic game only this time with a different end. The loss hurts but BC still controls its own destiny.

Miami. Win. Erasing all frustrations of the TOB era, BC beats the uneven Hurricanes and wins the Atlantic Division.

ACC Championship Game vs Virginia Tech. Taking on the Hokies at a neutral field makes things a little better. A back and forth game sees BC win the ACC.

The two losses are not enough to get BC in the National Championship mix nor enough to get Ryan the Heisman (however he does get invited to New York for the ceremony). As winners of the ACC, BC heads to the Orange Bowl. There they face an at large team. I am guessing Oklahoma. BC wins capping off the best season since the Flutie days.

Now for the cold water: this is reasonable but unlikely. Monday I’ll post what I think will happen.


bceagle08 said...

How do we beat Clemson in the worst case scenario and lose to them in the best case scenario?

ATL_eagle said...

bc08, I'm not trying to be consistent through each season. I think Clemson has a lot of talent and will matchup well against us. But Bowden's teams have been very inconsistent. So I can see them losing to a bad BC team but upsetting us if we come in hot.

Brian said...

We can only hope for this outcome. Fingers crossed. I would say Maryland is letdown #2 instead of Clemson. That is, only if ESPN knows more than I do.

Unknown said...

Has anyone heard anything about ABC coverage maps for the Wake game?