Monday, August 27, 2007

Gameweek news roundup

Matt Ryan got the hometown treatment from both Philly papers. Here is the link in the Daily News and here is the link from the Inquirer. (Thanks to Lou and LBI eagle for sending.)

These guys ripped off my idea of best case, worst case, etc...(I'll post my final part this afternoon). However, the News & Observer also posted this +- style look at BC.

The Worcester Telegram, which usually doesn't cover BC, posted a general preview.

Everyone expressed concern about our scrimmages...yet no one is mentioning Wake's uneven practices.

In pro news, Brian St. Pierre is still hanging on with the Steelers.


Brian said...
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Brian said...

Speaking of St. Pierre, BC has actually had a pretty successful run of QBs getting into the NFL (since ~1999). Hasselbeck (Seahawks), Hasselbeck (Giants), Porter (Texans), St. Pierre (Steelers), and definitely Ryan next year.

It is certainly no QB factory in Chestnut Hill, but I'll bet stacked up against other Top 25 teams we've been pretty successful over the past 8 years in this respect.

jvtube said...

Nothing but high marks for your blog, sir, but my first preview with best case/worst case, ran on Aug. 3.

Not that I'm trying to copyright the best/worst concept, just pointing out that I didn't copy you.