Friday, September 21, 2007

Army reminder, video and other links

A reminder to all those in attendance this Saturday: pay your respects to Army and their fans. As some of you know, in a recent game against Navy, Rutgers fans got out of line with classless heckling against the Middies. I hate telling people how to cheer, but I think we can make an exception when playing the service academies. Cheer for BC, boo the refs but treat the Cadets with respect. Lecture over.

I assume that most people reading this blog check out the Herald and Globe, therefore I only highlight articles from either paper when they mention something a little different. In this case I want to point out the strange language in the Jeff Smith article. It discusses his recovery from a preseason concussion, yet slips in his academic struggles and his potential transfer. There has been much specualation on what is keeping Smith out and if he'll come back. It would be a shame if he never plays DI football again for nonhealth reasons because he has so much raw talent.

Here's an article on redshirt Dan Mulrooney. He's saying all the right things.

Want to know what Keving Challenger said into the camera after he scored Saturday night? Here's a short little clip with audio.

In another old school YouTube moment, I came across this preview of the 1992 BC-ND game. In the actual game the Irish smacked us around and also provided inspiration for the huge upset in 1993.

As reader Mike L. pointed out Matt Ryan is a nominee for the Davey O'Brien award and fans can actuall vote. Register to vote here.

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awesome NY Times Q&A with Matty just came out today: