Monday, September 17, 2007

Ryan for Heisman and other links

There is always room for more BC bloggers, especially when they start out with such a clear purpose. BC fans welcome Matt and his new blog Ryan for Heisman.

Matt is not the only one on the Ryan bandwagon. Check out what Tim Russert slipped in at the end of Meet the Press.

The College Football News guys poke at TOB in No. 3 in this list.

Want to know what injured freshman John Elliott is up to? According to the last paragraph from this article he's recovering and hanging out at his old high school.

I'll post more pics this afternoon, but I wanted to point out this shot from Bobby Dodd that I took on Saturday night.

Those are empty seats for a primetime night game against a ranked opponent. Is Georgia Tech now bush league? No. Yet you'll hear BC critics and TOB mention our occasional attendance issues when talking about BC. Once again let me restate, I want a packed house every week, but attendence has nothing to do with what happens on the field.

Finally, I thought you Notre Dame haters would get a kick out of this clip.


America said...

I just want to point out that has us at #9. Matt Ryan is on the front of ESPN's College Football Section and is up to #8 on Hiesman watch. They Hype is starting!! Man its a good time to be a Boston College Eagle!!!

Unknown said...

Some love for BC from heisman pundit:
7. Boston College (3-0)--BC has notched three solid wins so far and Matt Ryan is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. I think right now the Eagles are the ACC favorite.

whitey_b said...

Atl - loving the blog and being part of your community.

Also loving the Notre Dame fiasco. Check out the ND blogs, Weis better wear body armor!

Unknown said...

A note on the holding calls: If we make 5 yards average per play, and a holding call pervents a sack of 5 yards, then it is actually statistically equivalent because without holding you'd have 2nd and 15, and with holding you'd have 1st and 20, and that doesn't even include the chance of fumble/matt getting hurt. It's not good that we HAD to hold, but with a team that can make long pass plays regularily, penalties don't hurt as much as teams who need to get chunks on the ground.

LAEagle said...

first elizabeth, now tim? bc is certainly the place to be

Brian said...

Agree with Alan. The holds are necessary to keep Yellow Jackets from beating down on Ryan.

No beat down of Ryan = more quality starts for Ryan = more Heisman pub = great time to be an Eagle.

Terrible time to be an Irish fan, which also makes me smile.

jesuitHOOPS said...

Tim Russert only wishes that John Carroll had a real sports program. But I do give him major props for being a good BC dad, regardless of his presence on TV.

Eagle in Brighton said...

That's great news about John Elliot (not the injury, but that he's ok and not MIA).

Recruiting, at least early on, seems a little thin in terms of the OL for next season, so having Elliot re-enroll is essentially like having a 4-star linemen fall in our lap for 2008.

Pair that with RB Haden, and an outside shot on Mike Goodman and/or Brendan Beal, and Jags has a solid class to fill these outgoing senior's shoes.

Unknown said...

the empty section was part of the visitor allotment.