Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"TOB's sorry, baby" and other links

Sundaymorningqb is known for his insightful look at college football, but he can occasionally spin out some satire. Here is his latest masterpiece: TOB begging for one more chance.

Matt Ryan is chatting on ESPN at noon ET on Thursday.

The highest ranking I've seen for BC yet.


ATL_eagle said...

Note to Ampleforth: Had to remove your earlier comment. Feel free to leave your thoughts on any of the posts, but let's avoid stuff on other posters.

eagleboston said...

Loved the TOB satire. Although one point frightened me more than O.J. bursting into my hotel room. Could JAGS be an opportunist? Will he be here 2 years and then jump to the NFL or, worse, take over Notre Dame when they fire Weiss?

Perhaps this should not be a concern. After all, AD Gene did a great job in hiring Jags? Can't we trust him to make a second great hire? I know it is only 3 weeks into his tenure, but JAGS has us on the verge of the Top 10, which we have not seen in years. I'm hoping he goes Joe Paterno on us.

BCDisco said...

I too think about when/if Jags would leave. Ever since Coughlin bolted, it's always been an issue with good BC couches.

At the same time, I'm confident that Gene was aware of that possibility when looking for TOB replacements and I'm sure he wanted some sort of assurance from Jags that he wouldn't jump ship so soon. Also, Gene wasn't just looking for a good coach, he wanted someone who really believed in BC and wanted to be part of the atmosphere, ie, a good fit. Much like Gene himself. I think we have found that in Jags. Will he stay forever? Probably not, but I think he'll stay for awhile. You have to remember too, he has 5 young children so he has probably considered sending all of them to BC.

When he eventually does go, I doubt he would go from BC to another college. If he leaves, he would probably end up back at Green Bay. You have to wonder though, if he really wanted to be a head coach at Green Bay, why did he leave when he was already the number 2 man there?

BCDisco said...

That should read "coaches" not "couches"

ATL_eagle said...

I believe Jags when he says he'd never leave BC for another college job. I do think he would leave us for the NFL, but he is going to have to make a name for himself first and that will take 3 years minimum.

Willis said...

If Jags goes it's definitely for the NFL, then Steve Logan would be promoted to head coach (provided Jags doesn't take him with him to the NFL).

Lally said...

I worry about Logan going before Jags goes. Jags is new and needs to prove he can win with his system/his players, which will take a couple of years to prove.

Logan is a guy who already has the reputation of "offensive genius" and could be using this job as a way to put himself back on everyone's radar after a few years in Europe. I know he's said he doesn't want to be a headcoach but what if someone called with an NGL OC position for him?

Eagle in Brighton said...

I gotta agree with Willis, losing Steve Logan seems a more immediate worry than losing Jags.

Jags, at least from the first three games of the season, is a great "coach" in his ability to motivate/ attract talented coaches/ instill passion in the fanbase/ etc. But at the end of the day, he his still winning with TOB's players. This is not to say Jags can't maintain, or exceed, BC's recent level of success, but he will need to prove himself as a solid recruiter before he can be considered a legitimate flight risk. My hope is that in the time it takes him to build that name for himself, he will have become inextricably tied to the school, the fans, and the area. As Alex pointed out, you can't discount the added value Jags receives by raising a family in Newton, Ma, one of the most desirable locations in the country in terms of schools, quality of life, etc.

Details aside, Logan seriously is a coordinator on the rise, and should get serious attention from a program like Syracuse a year or two down the road.

In short, I can't see Jags leaving until at least 4 years down the road, but Logan's another story entirely.