Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Going deep

Our wide receivers are not considered gamebreakers, but they’ve done unexpected things in our short history with FSU. The past two season’s FSU Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews has been very aggressive against BC -- coming after the QBs early and having their LBs jump short routes. In return, our much-malinged WRs have actually made some big plays. Last year Robinson caught a deep go route for 44 yards and Gonzo pulled in Ryan’s endzone scramble for a 48 yard gain (that play is still the most amazing thing I have seen Ryan do. If anyone has video of it, please put it on Youtube.).

In 2005 when Ryan came in for an injured Porter, he showed that he could push the ball downfield. He connected on a 23 yarder that Robinson pulled out of the air and even found Taylor Sele for 26 yards.

These plays were all happening with an offense designed around short completions. Imagine what Logan will try if FSU employs the same scheme again?


Brian said...

ATL - can we expect an early edition of the rooting guide this week for VTech @ Georgia Tech? That's one is too close to call in my book considering we played both. Its a wash for SOS.

eagleinexile said...

Personally, I would rather have the Coastal title still shrouded in doubt in late November. Also, I would rather face UVA in the title game. Getting ahead of myself, yes, but the rooting guide implores a crystal ball approach to the end of the season. So, i say go GTech. If the Coastal title is still up for grabs near Turkey Day, the teams will play each other like crazed dogs, which will create more injuires/fatigue on whoever is there when the dust settles. I realize that this thought porcess might bring a title-seeking Miami team to Chestnut Hill, but I think they will be out of it in the next two weeks.

ATL_eagle said...

No official rooting guide. I am sticking to the plan. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Thursday doesn't really matter since both are in the other division.

andy d said...

root for GaTech. Down the line, sure, but i'd much rather play the cavaliers than the hokies again.