Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guest Blogger: Tomahawk Nation

When Florida State last came to Boston, things were little different. BC was an ACC newbie and the 'Noles still represented the top of the conference. To get the lowdown on this year's struggling FSU team and what we can expect Saturday, I've asked Tomahawk Nation a few questions. Their answers are below.

After an offseason housecleaning of the offensive staff the results on the field (to a casual observer) don't seem all that different. The wins aren't there but is the style of play and the play calling very different?

TN: The style of play and play calling are very different, but what is very apparent is that the players aren't different and that kind of scares me. Our so-called playmakers pick and choose when they’ll play 100% and when they won’t. It’s extremely discouraging. Like you can tell they don't play as hard for Weatherford as they do for Lee and even when they do it for Lee they're still not committed 100%. This program needs a complete flushing of the athletes it currently has on the offensive side of the ball (Minus Preston Parker). It's also discouraging in that, you would think the new coaching staff would be able to get more out of its current crop of athletes and for the most part it hasn't. We know we’re in rebuild mode, it just hurts, because we know we could contend if a few players gave their all.

The QB situation seems to have settled down. Weatherford will start versus BC. Will Lee be involved in the game in any capacity? [Eds. note: I sent TN these questions before Lee's suspension]

TN: As I’m sure you’ve heard. QB Xavier Lee has been suspended for the next two ball games (BC and VT). He apparently skipped class a time or two more than he should have and Head Coach Bobby Bowden busted him on it. Now I know your thinking, wow, Bobby suspends a guy 2 games for ditching class, but a player assaults an officer and nothing... yeah, I feel there's more to the Lee suspension, but who knows really.

D’Vontrey Richardson will back-up starting QB Drew Weatherford. D-Vo just had a great baseball season and decided to give up his ball and glove this off-season for football. He was recently quoted as saying, “I’m kind of nervous”, Richardson said. “Boston College is (No.) 2 in the nation. I’m pretty sure if I get in there everything will be moving so fast” – Tallahassee Democrat... Hopefully Weatherford plays the ENTIRE GAME, ouch!

FSU's defense has been fairly aggressive against BC the past two seasons. Any reason to think that will change now that Steve Logan has implemented a more attacking/downfield type scheme?

TN: I think aggressive is all Mickey Andrews and Co know. He doesn't sprinkle in extra blitz packages or anything like that. He just lets his front four do all of the work with a healthy rotation. I would expect the QB pressure to continue on Saturday night.

What is your prediction for Saturday?

TN: Man, I absolutely hate this. I never in my wildest dreams would admit to FSU being beat, but I have to give my honest opinion and I do think our boys will catch a beat down on Saturday. This team and offense have shown me nothing to think otherwise. I don’t think BC is going to Wake us 30-0, but I definitely feel we will be beat soundly. I hear basketball season is around the corner. Thanks for your time!!! Go NOLES!!!!

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