Thursday, November 29, 2007

ACC Championship location and other links

Charlotte is making a strong bid for future ACC Championship games. It looks like the conference will rotate future sites like the Big 12 does.

Virginia Tech has not sold out their allotment either.

Most of you already saw this, but Ryan was named ACC Player of the Year.

An article on Paul Anderson.


EagleEye2002 said...

I know the sports analysts generally do not know much more than the casual fan about college football. But, does anyone find it a bit unnerving the fact that absolutely no one is giving us a chance against VTech this weekend? When we met in the regular season, the media was split on who the winner would be. Suddenly, it is unanimous that BC will not be able to contain Tyrod Taylor and their stud linebacker who was injured when we first met. Is there some huge element about the game I am missing? I think itll be a hard tough game, but I still do believe the Eagles can pull it out again. Maybe all this doubt will really motivate the Eagles to prove again that they are a good team.

ebj said...

VT fans will buy a lot of tix outside the allotment, for the simple reason the seats are much better for the same price.

Bowl/CG allotted tickets usually suck.

Unknown said...

Jacksonville is a dumb ass place to host a conference championship game when the majority of the schools are in greater NC area (or close drive). Charlotte makes logical sense. If I went to another school that didn't make a bowl and lived down there, I would attend since the game was close.

Brian said...

Jacksonville - this is the place where there were so few hotels that they had to bring cruise ships in to accommodate the demand for the Super Bowl.

The line on this game is ridiculous. VTech fans was totally demoralized when we went down there and beat them. They weren't even sure they would be seeing us again.