Monday, November 26, 2007

Link roundup

Here is a nice article on Rakim Sanders. (Thanks to Murph for the link.) I am looking forward to seeing the team on Wednesday against Michigan. The game will be on ESPN U for those of you who actually have the channel.

ESPN's Mark Schlabach calls BC and Jags one of the surprises of the season.

A North Carolina paper lists Steve Logan as one of the candidates to take the Duke job.

It doesn't appear the Gator Bowl is very interested in selecting BC if we lose Saturday.

UVA fans think we will be selected ahead of them.

Here is an article on former Eagle Steve Trapilo. (Thanks Scott M. for the link.)

Jon Loyte got some local press. In the article he talks about the atmosphere at Clemson and the new coaches.

This is the only article where I've seen the possibility of Florida being selected for the Orange Bowl. If we win it would make sense for a bowl trying to sell tickets.


Brian said...

Nice article in the Gloucester Times, but they need to fact check their latest AP/USA Today/BCS rankings :)

"Loyte and the eighth-ranked Eagles now have their sights set on the Atlantic Coast Conference title game in Jacksonville this Saturday, where they'll face No. 14 Virginia Tech in a rematch of their thrilling 14-10 game earlier this October, pulled out by BC at the end."

Eagle in Somerville said...

What's the best way to let BC know that we want to keep Logan?

Are any blogs or websites showing support?

I'd really like to see the school offer some money to both Logan and Jags to lock them up for a long time and show a commitment to the program.

Patrick Lane said...

Any article about possible improvements to the Duke football program which doesn't include a lengthy analysis of the need for institutional overhaul is shredder fodder.

matthew2 said...

to add another link.... Gene Wojciechowski had a nice article about 3 myths of college football. In the first myth that he addresses he talks about an 8 team playoff, and includes BC in it, supporting them over the Hokies.

Daniel K. Eng said...

article in the Globe about Jared Dudley and adjusting to the Bobcats:

Kind words from New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin about Mathias Kiwanuka after he is for the season:

eagleboston said...

Logan isn't going to hang around Boston and make 200 k a year when he can make 1 million as a head coach somewhere else. Jags needs to get his Rolodex out and develop a list of potential replacements.

By the way, I also don't think Jags will stay long. Jags has the talent to be in one of the Top 15 best college jobs in America. Going by pay and prestige, BC is far from a Top 15 job. Further, I think the lure of the NFL will be much too strong to keep him for more than 3 years. Jags is Coughlin part II. Great for BC, but short-lived.

Brian said...

More links. AJ Brooks suspended for the ACC CG.

Brian said...

All-ACC teams. 7 players.

GordonsLeftFoot said...


Logan is making far more than 200K a year. In fact, I am pretty sure it is somewhere north of $500K (along with Spaz). I agree, though, he will likely leave sometime in the not too distant future. But I doubt it will be this year.

As far as Jags goes, he is going to be at BC for quite a long time. He is making close to (if not more than) $1 million and BC is one of his dream jobs. He also has four kids under the age of 12, one of whom has epilepsy and is enrolled at campus school (100 yds away from the stadium). Things like that don't exist everywhere. He knows BC is a special place, and I see him staying there longer than his predecessor.