Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday links

Vote for Ryan to Gunnell as the ACC play of the week.

Good news on the TV front, our game against Miami will be on ESPN in HD.

Here is a little background on Rhode Island hoops. We take on the Rams Wednesday.

Want to see what a difference travel reputation makes? Read this article on Clemson. If they beat South Carolina, they are going to a very good bowl.

Here is an interesting article [subscription is needed] on players suing coaches over playing time. Quoted inside is lawyer and BC guy Timothy Liam Epstein.


Orestus said...

If BC loses the ACC Championship game, they can forget about the Peach and Gator bowls, is that correct?

BobVanasse said...

As long as factors other than merit based on wins and losses are allowed to play into the bowl picture, smaller private schools (other than ND) are going to be at a disadvantage to huge taxpayer funded schools. But Bill's point here is well taken. Clemson has a student body size of about 17,500 compared to BC's at 14,500 and yet they seem to have a much larger fan base and a much larger presence at away games. The lack of interest from non-alumni Bostonians is a problem for us, in that locals are more interested in traveling for the Sox or Pats, but this points to a deep need by the University to build enthusiasm among alumni and friends of the University. They are making strides with Fenway Sports Group and increased coverage on NESN, but there is a lot more to be done. Newspapers just 50 miles from The Heights don't send reporters to our games, but instead just run AP copy. That is unimaginable in the south.

Big Jack Krack said...

From what I read, if we don't win the ACCCG, we'll fall to the Champs Sports Bowl. Clemson thinks it will be invited to the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta as the ACC #2 because of their ability to put fannies in the seats. Also, I guess the Bowl officials like Virginia Tech and Virginia ahead of BC.

Our Bowl Game is the ACCCG!!!!!

We will only get what we take - and that's the Orange Bowl with a win in Jacksonville - otherwise we're low in the pecking order. If we are officially Number 2, we're really #4 or even #5.

But "WHOA NELLIE" Miami needs a win to get a bowl for their seniors. They are 23 and 3 against BC and except for the pass in '84, I guess the last time we beat them was 1975.

They are coming to Boston knowing/expecting to beat us - regardless of their recent thrashings.

I absolutely want BC to squash these guys.

So as much as the Bowl talk is interesting, maddening or whatever - we still have work to do. BEAT MIAMI.