Friday, December 28, 2007

In-game comments post: Champs Bowl

Let me echo what Jags is saying -- this is not where we wanted to be, but winning 11 games is still very important. This is also the last BC football game for nine months, so enjoy every moment.

I'll be in Orlando and will not be online during the broadcast. I will try to have a post up after the game. Leave your comments and thoughts below.


Big Jack Krack said...


Show Mark Blaudschun of the Boston Globe that he is a Doubting Thomas jerk.

Refrito said...

I am going to my first bowl game, one of the reasons is that I am tired of hearing the "BC does not travel well" line. By pure chance, I happened to pick the hotel where the M-State alumni are staying. I think the M-state alumni have it worse though, the Michigan team is also staying the same hotel. That is one awkward elevator ride. Hope to see many fans at the game and go Eagles!!

PS- Thank you Atlanta Eagle for your dedication and great information.

America said...


Go Eagles Show the Country once again we should be big time!! Bring on all Comers We don't care who we play. As DMX Says I love it when a ____ brings his whole crew, just a bigger piece of cake to chew a hole threw. GO EAGELS!!!

SM said...

this announcer sucks, it's all "bc isn't good because" (insert platitude). these dbags are supposed to be positive "if bc does this well they can win." he's player hating on AC. where do they find these hacks?

ref is blowing mad calls late hits on ryan, horse collaring jarvis.

TD Gunnell!!!

bcmikey said...

Someone please tell Mike Patrick that his name is Callender, not colander (used to strain veggies.) Stupid little thing, I know, but just a sign at how little work ESPN puts into knowing the teams they are covering.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the bowl win and an 11 win season...can't wait to see what you guys do next year.

Big Jack Krack said...

I must say that MSU scared me quite a bit BEFORE this game - in terms of their size and the various matchups, etc.

I think this was a nice victory considering our inability to run the ball and some suprising senior mistakes coming down the stretch. But I don't want to be critical tonight.

Congratulations BC for a nation leading 8th straight bowl game victory. I don't care what people say about the calibre of the bowls - it's no small feat to win 8 straight.

Scott - as for next year - we have to hope our defense can keep us in games until the offense gets going. If Toal and Raji come back, I think the defense will be very good. Some younger guys got plenty of experience in the secondary with the injuries to Davis, Bowman and Tribble. Obviously we will miss Tribble and Silva, but that's college football.

Congratulations to the seniors especially, the coaches, staff and entire team - great job in 2007 while playing through much adversity in terms of injuries and the pre-season losses of Toal and Raji.

BC Football avenged the loss suffered by BC Hockey to Michigan State - a great night for all BC fans.

Anonymous said...

The game was handed to us by all the MSU turnovers...we could not capitalize due to the lack of a running game. We barely escaped this one. I personally thought we were going to lose in the end...if MSU's QB was as half as good as Matty they would have won...

That said, i already thought Mike Patrick was a huge douchebag, but his call on the 2nd TD to Gunnell was crap. Gunnell did not PUSH off...there was a little bit of contact by BOTH players, but he made it out to be highway robbery. no wonder he did not make the transition from the Sunday night football crew to Monday night. It was the play of the game, and i feel like his shitty call discounted it.

SectionKK said...

I agree about the announcers, but that's typical of ESPN. You would think they would know how to pronounce AC's last name by now.
Still, this was a very important win. The season was disappointing considering what could have been, but an 11 win season is a great accomplishment. Great season guys.

Eagle in Brighton said...

11 wins are an incredible season: though the game was closer than it should have been, the defense played a hell of a game against a rather physical MSU squad.

(Btw, loved Logan's aggressive playcalling in the second half to stretch the field to Matty Ice's advantage...)

The only disappointment I have with the game (and season for that matter), is that this will be the last time I'll get to watch guys like Ryan, Larkin, Dunbar and Tribble in the Maroon and Gold.

Unknown said...

You'd think if the announcer watched even just one other BC game he'd know how to pronounce AC'd name.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'd guess ESPN was having some technical problems. They got knocked off the air before the actual end of the 1st half.

In the third and fourth quarter there were two or three series when ESPN used only one long, from the rear camera angle, zooming in for coverage. I suspect they lost their other cameras. This was a technical breakdown (or the worst director ever). I noticed they came back with all cameras after one of the longer time outs in the 4th quarter.

You are correct. Even chaos in the booth and truck is no excuse for mispronouncing the name of the top receiver/running back for a nationally-ranked team.

Anonymous said...

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