Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another BC blog and other links

If you enjoy this blog give BC Interruption a chance. Started by two BC guys, it features a lot more hockey content than I can get to.

Here is another article on the new NCAA baseball schedule that references BC. It is also noted that like many of our other sports, the baseball team has one of the highest graduation rates in the country.

This article runs down the incoming college QBs and makes a quick reference to Justin Tuggle.

The mind behind the Big Dig is against BC's expansion...for traffic reasons. Anyone want to take a guess on which part of town he lives in? So he is all for spending the better part of two decades tearing up a city and spending billions in taxes but don't let BC build a dorm on the Brighton campus. Makes perfect sense.

The latter part of this article recaps a wrestling match between BC-bound Bryan Murray and ND-bound Lane Clelland. Clelland won, but Murray has the right attitude about their future matchups.

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