Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking at the ACC next season and other links

I apologize for the link heavy week. The lull in the schedule hasn't created much to sink my teeth into. Things will pick up next week with more basketball and some football posts.

SMQ broke down the keys to winning in ACC last year. BC was the outlier in that we depended on passing. His breakdown also shows the importance of our run defense.

ESPN doesn't think much of our chances next year.

Mel Kiper thinks the Dolphins will take Ryan first overall.

Atlanta is hoping to win their coin flip and that Ryan is still around at No. 3.

An update on Derric Rossy's boxing career and how an unusual trip to China sparked his latest win.

Finally, here is Will Ferrell's Q&A with BC students.


Brian said...

From ESPN:
... "little" Wake Forest is quietly becoming one of the conference's most consistent teams ...

So, does that mean that "little" BC is THE most consistent team? Only VTech has more conference wins over the last 3 years.

X said...

Is something up with the embed code? The vertical dimension for the video seem to be pretty vertical.

ATL_eagle said...

Sebastian, it should be fixed now.

Eagle in Brighton said...

F the WWL.

Big Jack Krack said...

I like our chances next season, in spite of ESPN's opinion.

flutie22phelan20 said...

I didn't like this snide comment in ESPN's article: "What we don't know: How good Jeff Jagodzinski will look without inheriting oodles of Tom O'Brien's talent."

Perhaps better stated: "What we don't know: Whether Tom O'Brien's yearly flirtations with other schools and the accordant adverse effect on BC's recruiting over his last three years will affect the 2008 sqaud."