Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Signing Day links

This is the morning roundup. Later today once the names come in and BC is officially aloud to comment, I'll post a recap on recruiting.

This anecdote about Jags and McGovern trying to close a New Jersey recruit only to see Greg Schiano helicopter in shows how silly this process can get.

The cornerstone of this class -- Josh Haden -- is already on campus and training with the team.

Christian Wilson is expected to sign with North Carolina over BC.

Here is an update on what TOB is doing in North Carolina.

Tom Lemming lists BC as one of the programs that continues to outperform its recruiting rankings.

In basketball news, BC takes on Maryland tonight on ESPN U. It is a very different team from the one BC beat in December. After that slide, the Terps have put together a 4-3 ACC record which includes an upset of North Carolina. BC is favored by 1.

Here is an article on basketball walk-on Brennan Bennett.


Eagle in Brighton said...


If Vallone determines his College of choice by a coach's use of a helicopter, good riddance.

That's the antithesis of a BC guy.

Good fit for the State College of NJ though...

Eagle in Brighton said...

Btw, the most absurd ACC recruit goes to...

British Footman

La Fuente Bethesda said...

WTF???? I am glad to see that NJ tax payers $$$ being put to good use!!!!

X said...

I thought BC bought out a parachute team should just such the occasion arise?

I know ND has a pack of trained dolphins in case the kid is out at sea, and a fleet of hot air balloons for the other 48 states.

LAEagle said...

average recruiting class when all was said and done.

BCDoubleEagle said...

First the taxpayers of New Jersey subsidize bowl trips for Rutgers students, now they're funding a helicopter to impress 17 year old recruits. Weird.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Laeagle;

I am certainly no authority on this, but it looks to me as though Jags landed a pretty darn good class by BC standards. Good DL, LB, WR and DBs look great, etc. I hope the kicker doesn't experience the weather too soon :-)The QBs look very good.

I was very happy to see that Mike Goodman, (OL, 6-5, 280, Miami, FL/Christopher Columbus) stayed with us. He is exactly the type of blocker we need.

Patrick Neumann, (OL, 6-6, 270, Ridgewood, NJ/Saint Joseph Regional) looks real good, as does
Emmett Cleary, (OL, 6-6, 270, Arlington Heights, IL/Saint Viator. I might have wished for 1 or 2 more OL players.

More later

Go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

Not to mention the running backs!

Josh Haden, RB, (5-9, 190, Accokeek, MD/Friendly Senior) this guy will probably start as a true freshman.

Isaac Johnson, CB, (6-1, 185, Everett, MA/Everett) looks very good.

Jerry Kelly, RB, (6-0, 220, Fairmont, WV/Fairmont) looks very good.

Eric Reynolds, RB, (5-10, 195, Hartsville, PA/Central Bucks South) looks very good.


Big Jack Krack said...

Here I am again - I apologize.

Hey Bill and everyone - I was just thinking, do we have any kind of effort by alumni and friends to welcome our players through notes and emails, etc.?

I have read in the past that our former players have a close association and they network very well. It might be nice to know that the BC alums pitch in as well.

Of course that we be appropriate for all student-athletes.

P.S. I think they'll be rocking at the Dean Smith Center tonight!

Big Jack Krack said...

I missed the other late signee- Montel Harris Running back
Jacksonville (FL) Trinity Christian

Ht: 5-foot-8 Wt: 195 lbs

Go BC - Go Jags and Staff

I'm done for the night - I promise.

chUck said...

Update on the Maryland Game- BC's down 32-39, but getting some good minutes from Southern and Raji, and SEVENTEEN first half points so far from John Oates on 5-5 shooting from 3 point range

LAEagle said...

"pretty darn good class by BC standards"

while this is true, to still be in the middle of the pack in the acc recruiting (and with schools like "The U" and UNC, and Clemson making huge improvements) means it is going to get very difficult to have another 11-3 season.

say what you will about star rankings, the teams that win championships have 5 and 4 star athletes along with the 2 and 3 star athletes that fly under the radar.

haden was huse, as was Okpara, who we stole from Arkansas, but still, not all that impressed with what an 11-3 team with an electric coach was able to pull in, especially in comparison to our acc friends.

BCNorCal07 said...

i think many of us are disappointed to see that Jags and Co. did not sign more elite recruits. however, most teams that surprise one year don't capitalize until the next recruiting season. the reason is that a lot of recruiting is done before the college season even starts in the fall, and this gives major college coaches a big advantage when it comes to getting their claws into the elite recruits. also, i have a feeling that other coaches are negative recruiting hard against Jags because he hasn't "won with his own players". i feel that next year's class will be much more telling as to the effects of BC's on-field performance and the perception of Jags, Logan, et al among recruits.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Perfectly stated: couldn't agree more bcnorcal.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Jags quoted in today's Globe regarding the Rutgers helicopter incident:

"If that's what it takes [to get someone], I don't know," said Jagodzinski with a laugh. "I told Billy [McGovern] we should have shown him the jet packs we had under our seats."