Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WVU's loss is BC's gain and more Ryan stuff

Recruiting is a delicate dance. Coaches and players flirt but are always hedging and keeping options open. Take the case of incoming RB Jerry Kelly. West Virginia showed real interest in him until their coaching change. Fortunately for Kelly and BC, we stepped into the picture and offered him a scholarship.

Peter King generated plenty of debate following his piece about Matt Ryan. I can't gaurantee that Ryan will be a star, but I think the criticism of him has been overly harsh. Having watched nearly every throw of his college career, I am confident he has the arm and accuracy to be an NFL quarterback. His interceptions and completion percentage were much more a product of our talent and scheme.


Brian said...

If you are a die hard Falcons fan, you'd think you'd be more concerned with other things (like rebuilding a sorry excuse for a franchise) than bashing the prospect of landing Matt Ryan.

Laxman said...

When I hear people say Ryan isn't accurate or has as suspect arm I immediately know they've watched little of him and are relying on stats. Ryan is nothing if not accurate. In fact his accuracy gets him into trouble because he thinks he can squeeze the ball in on each throw. His arm strength doesn't appear to be an issue on 15 yard outs, which he had to throw tons of on lots of 3rd and longs this year. If Matt Ryan played for USC or Florida, he'd be a Heisman winner and the consensus #1 pick.