Monday, March 03, 2008

Another honor for Rice and other links

As expected the ACC named Rice the player of the week. It was such an awesome display. What a shame that it ended in a loss.

Former Eagle Damien Woody is back in the AFC East only now with the Jets.

BC students are keeping up the tradition of volunteering over spring break in Appalachia.

We haven't even entered spring practices and our QB battle is already gaining attention.

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Big Jack Krack said...

I mentioned in a previous post that Tyrese was the present day John Austin - and he is certainly proving to be just that.

Concerning Spring Football and the Quarterback competition - I'd like to see if Crane can handle the job - and I have no problem with Boek emerging as a strong candidate for the starting position (another Peterson?. But what about Dominique Davis from Lakeland, FL? Is Chris Johnson from Paterson, NJ going to remain at QB or switch to defense? I don't think we know too much about John Lowell from Miami, FL.

The point is - if there is open competition, let's go in with a clean slate. If not, Crane is the man and it's his job to lose.