Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bubble bursts for BC women and other links

The women's basketball team is headed to the NIT. A disappointment for sure, but this young team has a very bright future ahead. With their returning players, I imagine they'll be a preseason Top 25 team.

BC is celebrating all women's athletics April 26. All former female student-athletes of Boston College are encouraged to attend the celebration.

Here is a look at incoming offensive lineman Mike Goodman.

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Big Jack Krack said...

Hurrah for this young team. I think they were jobbed out of the NCAA Tournament, but what can we do? Good luck in the NIT and have fun. Some of those NIT teams are just as tough, or tougher than some in the NCAA field.

With players such as Freshmen Swords and Murphy - as well as Pratt, Thoman, Whitehurst and Wilson; Sophmores Brown and Picco; and Juniors Johnson and Rusin - the sky is the limit with a good incoming class.

Best of luck to the departing seniors - thanks so much for your efforts and fine representation of Boston College - Victoria Jones, Kaydia Kentish, and Rebecca Miles. And best of luck in your careers.