Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matt's media tour and other links

Matt is doing a lot of press now that he is a Falcon. Here is his the USA Today article. (thanks to Tim E. for the link.)

The station I listen to in the morning spoke with Matt Ryan this week.

BC Mike passed on this two part interview that Matt had with another Atlanta radio station. (Part 1, Part 2).

The idea of expanding the ACC basketball schedule to 18 games is back on the table.

Now that spring ball is over, David Glenn is looking at each ACC team.

The hockey team visited the Massachusetts State House. Maybe Gene should talk to the lawmakers about their shortsighted idea of taxing the schools' endowment. As this article shows, the major HUB universities have a growing influence and footprint.


A Man With No Clue said...

Hey BC Fans,

ND fan here. I just came over after reading an article from NDnation kind of addressing the current state of college football "academics" and the woeful underperformance and neglect by so many schools. It's a good article - worth a read (on the front page). Anyways, the point I wanted to make was just to say that I am glad BC is on our schedule because for all the vitriol that is spread between the two schools, BC really does things the "right way." You guys graduate your players and prepare them for future success with "real degrees" (Not some BS time management degree [yes that's offered at some schools]).

I'm no BC fan, but I just wanted to let you know that I respect you guys a lot for the way your program is ran.

Best of luck next season and congrats on Ryan's successful draft.

ND '08

ATL_eagle said...

Chris, thanks for the feedback. BC turned down a lopsided schedule with ND too, just less publically than Rutgers did.

America said...

It never cesses to amaze me how BC is looked at by the National Media and by National College football fans. I feel that when it comes to college football people really just don't get it. Maybe because there are so many games or maybe its because people don't care, but for David Glenn to write an article picking FSU and Wake Forrest to finish ahead of us is Bull. Furthermore the fact that BC is not ranked in the top 25 after finishing in the top 10 last year is down right criminal. If any of these people know one thing about college football they would know our Defense is going to be the best in the ACC and one of the best in the country.
Also saying Ryan is overrated and hyped proves that none of these so called experts watch more than two BC games a year. Ryan did what he did with terrible Recievers. I think they averaged over 2 drops a game. Also I would venture to say 1/3 of his INTs came on passes that deflected off or a reciever or that a reciever essentially fumbled into a DBs hands.
Look at the past decade of BC sports as a whole, football, basketball, hockey, even soccer. What are we going to have to do to get the slightest bit of respect Nationally. ND gets more and they haven't won a bowl game in nearly a decade. I am sick of it!!
Last point I will make is in this day and age when most big time schools look at their "student" athletes as money in the bank instead of future leaders, you would think the National Media would fall in love with a school that cares as much about academics as it does athletics.