Friday, May 23, 2008

BC message board nomenclature drifting into the mainstream press and other links

I am not sure of the exact etymology of the term "TOB" but I know it first appeared on the original Eagle Action message boards. My guess is that the "T" was added to the shorthand "OB" to differentiate Tom O'Brien from former BC basketball coach Jim O'Brien. Through time the reference spread through most of the BC community and eventually to the other teams' college football message boards. And while those around the program certainly knew about "TOB" I don't think it was ever widely used around Tom O'Brien himself. When he went to NC State the nickname followed and now it is to the point that mainstream media is using it in headlines (and even in the article). It may seem silly to take note of it...I guess I just get a kick out of some BC fan being too lazy to type out "O'Brien" and the reference becoming common place.

The NFL is featuring Matt Hasselbeck and his daughters in an ad campaign for Canon cameras. I am sure you've all seen Matt's Reebok ad with Tory Holt, Chad Johnson and Stacey Keibler a millions times the past month.

Here are some ACC games to keep an eye on this season.

For those of you who haven't already read this, here are ESPN's ACC highlights of the BCS era.

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Alex F. said...

From the TOB article:

"had O'Brien not escaped the issues he faced in Beantown, the Eagles would have won the conference crown"

"Special teams under TOB will always be decent in a bad year"

"And, as the staff proved last fall, it will make adjustments when necessary"

Talk about having your head up your ass.