Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Boise, baseball and Bowden

After this season the ACC will longer be involved with the Humanitarian Bowl in Boise. Wanna take bets on which ACC team will get stuck there in the final year of the deal?

The Red Sox unveiled the logo for next season's ACC baseball championship at Fenway.

ESPN produced their ACC Atlantic outlook. Nothing earth shattering inside, however, I did enjoy this quote from Tommy Bowden:

"I don't even know where people are picking us," Bowden said. " … are we picked to win it?"

I think Clemson could be great this year...if Bowden doesn't screw it up.

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ClassO10 said...

I'm hoping we're at least 2 games ahead of the 8th slot so we cannot possibly go there. Otherwise, we'll be playing on the Blue again.