Monday, May 05, 2008

More information on Brooks' transfer and other links

Looks like A.J. Brooks is headed the NAIA route. If Georgetown accepts him, he would not have to sit a year.

Here is an article on BC Guy and Hockey play-by-play man Jon Rish.

Are Matt Ryan's hobbies as notorious as Michael Vick's?


Unknown said...

Should be noted that it's Georgetown College in Kentucky, not the Jesuit University in DC.

Claver2010 said...

made the same mistake until I googled Georgetown College

Anabasis said...

I understand A.J. is a fifth-year senior, so will he walk at Commencement on the 19th as a graduate, or will he instead resume his undergraduate work at GC? I'm confused because I figured the football program had players on track to graduate in 4 years, but I know that A.J. had some trouble away from the gridiron.