Friday, May 30, 2008

No budging with UConn and other links

In the last portion of this notes column, UConn Head Coach Randy Edsall continues his public campaign to get BC back on the schedule. He also acknowledges that it will probably not happen as long as Gene is around. I'm in the Gene camp on this issue. I don't think we should ever play the Huskies again. Closeness can help interest and travel costs, but the State of Connecticut and UConn were at the forefront of the Big East lawsuits. They, along with Mike Tranghese, did everything they could to disparage BC. Why help them now?

Speaking of UConn, new BC coach women's coach locked down her first big recruit. The Huskies had shown interest in Shields.

USA Hockey named Nathan Gerbe the College Player of the Year.

For those who missed this article in the Herald: BC has two of the best heptathletes in the country.

BC guy Brooks Orpik was considered a game changer in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Random article via Google News' RSS feeds: some Arizona kid places third in a national basketball skills competition and says he wants to play for BC one day. I don't know how good he actually is (hell, he's not even in high school yet) but this goes back to some fans' contention that BC recruits itself!


DL said...

Get that kid to Brophy (Jesuit high school in Phoenix). Isn't that far of a drive from Peoria.

Brophy was enough to convince me to go to BC. This isn't side loyalties, but we still have never won a basketball state trophy.

Lally said...

That was a great shift by Orpik.

When he was at the Heights, a lot of fans lovingly referred to him as "our goon" because he was typically bigger and more physical than most guys on the ice, but I think people forgot how smart and solid a blue-liner he was. Our defense in the 00-01 season really made us a powerhouse and Orpik, along with Scuderi and Allen, was a big reason why.

Brian said...

Someone tell Edsall that Delaware is a bus trip away too.

BC-UConn in football should never happen again (at least in the regular season). Will gladly beat them down in the Charlotte who cares bowl annually though.

eagle1331 said...

Another Orpik article...

Tim Epstein said...

This is a youtube clip of the hits. Fantastic.