Sunday, June 22, 2008

A good story about a BC guy and other links

The Globe featured a story on incoming freshman Brendan Grimes. Sad story with a nice ending and definitely worth the read.

This article takes us through Cam Atkinson's draft day experience. Atkinson still plans on coming to BC to play for Jerry York.

ACC Nation predicts us to finish at the bottom of the ACC Atlantic.


Big Jack Krack said...

In the Atlantic, Hite sees Clemson, but he also likes Maryland as a surprise team. The Tigers come to Chestnut Hill on November 1st and the Terps on November 29th - we'll be waiting.

It's amazing how everyone is writing BC off. The winner in the Atlantic could be 3 and 2 in the Division because it's so tough. BC has as much chance as any other team under those circumstances. Our overall ACC schedule has to be one of the toughest!

Erik said...

If BC finishes last, then the ACC is the strongest league in the land, not a weakling like its perceived lately.

America said...

BC gets zero respect! We should be use to it by now, but not me. I can't stand the lack of respect. We are the most consistent program in the country. I can't wait to get revenge on the Terps and continue our domination of Clemson!

downtown_resident said...

That accnation guy loses all credibility in just his second sentence: "Cullen Harper was every bit as good as Matt Ryan last year..."

No offense to our guys, but I wonder what Matty would've looked like with Davis, Spiller, Kelly and their reliable kicker in the fold.