Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NC State scouting report and other links

The New York Times continues their excellent preseason work with this capsule on our opponent NC State.

Lomas Brown has taken Gos under his wing in Detroit.

A healthy Kiwi may be moving back to the defensive line.

Because of the new eagle on the way, the Mrs. and I missed our 10th reunion. Seems like members of the class of 2003 enjoyed themselves.


Xman said...

Typical TOB media stuff.

Mike.Mariniello said...

Yeah, I was suprised ATLEagle did not get upset by the fact that they threw out the the old "he turned around a BC program that was rocked by a scandal" line that everyone uses when discussing the BC TOB. It is almost like people use it as a built in crutch to explain why BC was so bad in the late 90s.

Big Jack Krack said...

BC was bad in 95 and 96 because Dan Henning was absolutely the wrong guy and Chet Gladchuck never should have hired him as the Head Coach. Henning's professional approach was terrible for college, especially after a disciplinarian like Coughlin.

In 95 the Eagles actually gave up in a few games - disgraceful. Lost 49 to 7 to Army at home and 58 to 29 in Syracuse.

I'll only be interested in O'Brien when we travel to Raleigh on 10/4.

Mike.Mariniello said...


I had almost forgotten about Chet and all the bridge burning he did, especially coming on the heels of the universally loved Flynn.

I graduated in '95, so I got to see the first edition (fall 1994) edition of Henning. My girlfriend played hoops BC and she said that the football players she knew HATED Coughlin but respected him after the fact. She really liked Henning, but she always said that the football players she knew just did not respect him (especially not in the way they did Coughlin).

What always amazed me about Henning, is that for such an offensive guru, the '94 and '95 teams were awful offensively. The better games we had in '94 (Syracuse and ND) were more the result of good D play . We had some real duds offensively (the loss at home to Va Tech, the tie at home to Rutgers, even the bowl game was a drab offensive affair).

I went to the Kickoff Classic in 1995 and was embarrassed by how bad we looked. I thought it was the fact that Ohio State was just that good, but after the games you mentioned, I realized that it was not the case.

Back to the point at hand, is anyone planning on goig to NC State this year? I am trying to decide on going to the NC State game or the UNC game. I really do not want to support TOB in any round about sort of way, so I am leabing toward UNC (live in NJ, but have a friend in Durham that I will stay with).

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Mike:

I'm going to both of those games. My daughter (BC BA'92; MS '96) is coming to the UNC game from Burlington, VT where she lives. We'll drive up from SC where I live.

We need to win both of these games. We lost two squeakers in Chapel Hill (05) and Raleigh (06)when O'Brien was our coach last time at those stadiums. Those losses ruined very good seasons that could have been special. We need all the fan support we can muster up for those games.

I think UNC is definitely on the rise in terms of fan interest, and it's a really nice stadium in my opinion. NC State is a great stadium, so you can't go wrong at either game.

I hope to see you at one, Mike - I'm still young at heart, and I get fired up at the games. My wife cracks up at how engaged I get.

Back to Henning - he may be a really nice guy - just not a college coach - professional all the way. As a result, I don't think the players were in top shape to play at the required level. I think their desire wasn't there.

Gladchuck was way over his head.

Jack '68 BS Finance