Thursday, July 03, 2008

A different sort of Notre Dame preview and other links

EDSBS is posting season previews from various bloggers using a different sort of template. Here is their look at Notre Dame.

Virginia Tech lost one of its leading receivers.

Steve Logan is considered one of the better offensive minds in college football.

More on Josh Beekman's patience as he works his way up with the Bears.

People are still debating the winners and losers of the ACC expansion.

BC is already looking at a top QB for the 2010 recruiting class.

Am I the last guy to know that one of the WWE's rising superstars is a BC grad? I believe the McMahon kids went to BU. Glad to see they are not letting those ties hold back our Kofi.


Big Jack Krack said...

Josh Beekman has his head on straight and he's a great representative of Boston College and his family. "Beekman is unfailingly polite. He talks about investing rather than spending his NFL paychecks." I wish him the best and know he will succeed after football as well.

Speaking of winners and losers of ACC Expansion - there's an intriguing discussion going on in the Orlando Sentinel for a week - The case for the 16-team superconference. It's fun to think about since there isn't very much real college football news right now. I was tipped off to this by a recent grad now living in Chicago.

Without getting into the rest of the country, the proposition that concerns us is "ACC-16"

The ACC raids the Big East and its football schedule goes to 9 conference games -- each division opponent plus two rotating opponents from the opposite division. The division format maintains most regional rivalries in the ACC and re-institutes old rivalries from the Big East/independent days. The ACC Network, partnered with ABC/Disney, becomes the most lucrative of all leagues as the ACC locks down the eastern seaboard.

ACC North: Boston College, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

ACC South: Clemson, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest

Happy reading - the comments crack me up. Happy 4th everyone!

Alex F. said...

If superconferences are inevitable, I've always thought the ideal number is 14. 2 divisions of 7, play everyone in your own division and 3 teams from the other each year.

Wouldn't mind seeing the ACC pick up Syracuse and Penn State, to start with. Then the rest of the conferences expand/reshuffle:

Big Ten - Notre Dame, Missouri, Pitt, Rutgers

SEC - USF, Louisville, West Virginia

Big 12 - Arkansas, Colorado State, Boise State

Pac 10 - BYU, Utah, Hawaii, Fresno State

This gives you 5 stable, geographically logical, 14-team all-sports conferences.

The remaining Big East football schools (UConn and Cincy) band together with Memphis, Temple, ECU, UCF, Army, and Navy to form a solid basketball conference that also competes in football. To bolster the basketball side, they could also add UMass, UNC-Charlotte, GW, and URI as non-football members.

The 7 Big East hoops schools (sans Notre Dame, now in the B10), which are all Catholic, add St. Joe's, Dayton, Xavier, Duquesne, and La Salle; giving them every D1 Cathlic university east of the Mississippi except for BC, ND, and a few minnows.

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello Alex:

Good suggestions. I've always liked BC in the same conference as Penn State and I'd like to see Syracuse return to its top-notch program status. That's a natural rivalry game for BC.

I don't want to be associated with West Virginia, UConn or Rutgers for that matter.

Melman said...

It's unlikely that any conference will expand beyond 12. These superconference ideas are just pure fantasy. There just isn't enough money to go around once you get past 12 teams. The conferences that have less than 12 may want to fill up their slots. I think ultimately ND will join the Big 11 and the PAC 10 will become the PAC dozen. It will be interesting to see if BE football survives long enough to get to 12 teams.