Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool poster and other links

Here is the 2008 Football poster. (Thanks to the Wiz for the tip.)
(click picture to enlarge.)

Toal is getting second opinions on his injury. Not good...but I think Raji's return is much more important. We still have decent depth at LB.

BC is the marquee game on UMass's home basketball schedule.

Recruiting updates: Dillon Romain and Kyle Koehne.


X said...

I just hope BC can raise enough money to put a roof over that locker room!

Lightning + storms + no roof + metal equipment = danger

BCDisco said...

I can't believe Toal has an injury again. The guy must be made of glass.

Big Jack Krack said...

When I first watched Brian when he was a freshman I remember thinking "This kid is going to get hurt" (because of the way he tackled and hit). For some reason, it looked different than the way other players did it - often leading with one shoulder into those huge collisions.

He got away with it in high school, but college players are just as tough as he is.

I hope he's okay - no sense risking permanent injury. I don't think he's made of glass, Alex - I think he may have an imperfect technique sometimes, leading to inevitable injury to his shoulders. What do I know?

Erik said...

I'd like to go to that game in the Mullins Center. Its been years since I've been out there.

Driveable road games are fun.

BCNorCal07 said...

Great poster. Makes me wish I was in town so I could pick one up.

johnoatesforthree said...

BC hasnt released a bball schedule yet either, but announced they will be playing in the preseason NIT. don't know if atleagle posted it on the blog, but it's a good idea and should give us an early look at the team