Tuesday, August 05, 2008

First Day roundup and other links

Grapevine stuff I heard was that practice went well, although there is definitely a different vibe without some of last season's vocal leaders.

The Herald produced some solid work, including a piece on Crane and a notebook. The Globe disappointed with a mail in job from Blaudschun. Did he even need to go to campus to slap that thing together?

Fortunately BC supplemented the coverage with a quick recap and a nice photo gallery.

Here is the New York Times' look at Wake Forest.

Kent State is excited about their new punter.

Checking in with former BC DB Jonathan Ordway.


Brian said...

wow. Blaudschun definitely mailed it in. tsk, tsk.

BCMike said...

I enjoyed Conroy's short piece on Crane. For as many different Crane blurbs we've seen, this was the first one where he spoke about how he was behaving differently, and trying to emulate Ryan verbally. Interesting stuff. Hope the call from Matt helped!

Unknown said...

The Herald called Crane, Chris Crain.

Unknown said...

Blaudshun's piece was a disgrace. Why both?