Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend schedule

While some of you have been reading this blog from the get go, others are new and don't know what I try to do on football weekends. This is a rough schedule that I like to follow. (As the father of two, things are subject to change.)
-- Saturday morningish: The occasional morning post depending on what the quality of the news links.
-- Right before kickoff: In game comments post. The purpose is to open up a post where people can comment during the game. I will not be online during TV games.
-- Saturday afternoon/night: Postgame post. Just a quick take. Comments are always welcome.
-- Sunday afternoon/night/Monday morning: Second viewing thoughts and grades. Newbies to the blog should know that I rewatch each game a second time with a notepad and TIVO. (I need new hobbies.) It is always very enlightening and time consuming. I write it up after and post ASAP.

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