Friday, September 05, 2008

ACC Select lives on and other links

Earlier this summer Turner discreetly walked away from their equity position in ACC Select. The fledgling On Demand service, which us diehards find vital, seemed in doubt. Good news though, CBS has joined with the conference and Raycom to continue the service.

Here is a look at this weekend's ACC action.

Good feature on Herzy in the Globe.

Ron Brace is nursing a bad back but should play Saturday.

Georgia Tech is dealing with injuries too.

Michael Vick is reaching out to Matt Ryan.


Eagle1 said...

Excellent Vick article. It gives me a new appreciation for sweet tea.

BC '65 said...

classless, humorless, vulgar, and tasteless. i'm surprised you thought it merited printing.

oh, i forgot to mention it was also juvenile.