Monday, September 29, 2008

NC State's starters and other links

Here is the Wolfpack's depth chart for Saturday's game. Despite what TOB says, I expect Russell Wilson to play.

The ACC named Montel Harris the ACC rookie of the week.

Jags is also being coy with the media regarding our QB situation. Crane will start. Davis will play. My bet is the hot hand will finish the game.

HD is giving her BC critics more ammunition. First she criticizes BC for not throwing. At the same time she praises Virginia Tech and thinks they can win without throwing.

Dr. Saturday captures the ever-changing ACC landscape.

Not BC related, but it seems the "down in front" mentality is a problem at other schools too.


BCNorCal07 said...

Interesting recruiting side-note. ESPN reports that junior LB Kevin Pierre-Louis has already committed: (you might need insider).

I always wonder how firm underclass commits are. Hope he keeps his word and comes to the Heights in a couple years.

Jeff said...

Do you know anywhere that fans stand for the whole game? Other than the students, no one stands anywhere that I know of. Except for that one big rivalry or conference game of the year that everyone has.

bcsuperfan08 just looked like an idiot commenting on block-C because he/she attended the BC-Clemson game last year and failed to realize that that game was actually a big deal for Clemson too, hence the atmosphere being as great as it was. Anyone else attend the BC-Clemson game of 2005? The atmosphere there was decent, but nothing compared to last year.

CatabEagle said...

I think the key idea is that on key downs and series, particularly on third downs and when the opposing team has the ball in an end zone, that the crowd make as much noise as possible. That loud noise(cheering, stomping) is usually accompanied by standing. Its not the "down in front" on 1st and 10 on the 42 yard line that angers those who like to stand, its a dead quiet fan yelling at us to sit down on 3rd and 9 when the opponent is backed in their own end zone that drives us crazy. I think it is in those situations where home field advantage lies, and its in our best interest as BC fans to maximize that advantage.

Eagle in Brighton said...

Exactly. Even for the most cantankerous should realize there is a time and a place for some enthusiasm: this is still football folks- even if you don't feel inclined to hoot and holler, don't quell the enthusiasm of others (i.e. standing up), particularly when in the flow of the game.

I guess at the end of the day, the arguement is futile: the people that need the lecture the most are the last demographic to venture online.

Big Jack Krack said...

I agree with Tom O'Brien - and it's what makes the ACC so exciting to me - "With Clemson losing, that puts them back with us, so everybody’s got a shot," O’Brien said. "It’s anybody’s guess right now who’s going to win the conference, so every game right now is a championship game."

Hope to see some of you in Raleigh this Saturday (after the Michael Buble Concert at the RBC Center on Friday Night - a great weekend for my wife and me).

BCMike said...

Bill, I don't agree that Wilson will start and play the game. He may play a series before not being able to continue or something like that...but this is too perfect of an excuse for Toby not to use for the loss.

Eagle1 said...

That's it, HD. No more foreplay for you.