Thursday, November 06, 2008

Discouraging Megwa news and other links

Megwa's injury sounds worse than previously thought. Doctor delayed his surgery and Jags is comparing it to Joe Theismann.

BC may use Quigley on field goals.

Nathan Gerbe is off to good start.

Staten Island is proud of Anderson and LeGrande. Anderson's high school teammate starts for Notre Dame.

In the notes section of this article it mentions BC offering 2010 recruit Blake Barker a scholarship.

Jimmy Clausen is banged up a bit.


Joe Grav said...

Let's hope Quigley is capable of pulling a Sam Swank.

From what I've seen on punts and kickoffs so far, I'm not holding my breath...

Eagle in Brighton said...

Megwa's injury falls squarely on Crane's shoulders: you just can't lay your receiver out like that.

Sad stuff.

ATL_eagle said...

Brighton, Crane has hung recievers out but he didn't on the Megwa play. Megwa caught the ball, turned and ran into the LB. It wasn't some sort of kill shot waiting on the route.

BCMike said...

While I agree that Crane has thrown more than his fair share of buddy passes (as in "lookout, buddy!") this season, this wasn't one of them.