Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Praise from Florida State and other links

Our defense impresses Jimbo Fisher.

2010 recruit Scott McVey lists BC among his favorite.

The Sporting News considers Rice among the best point guards in the nation.

Here is Kenpom's preview of the basketball team.

Here is an FSU writer's summary of our team.

Pat Forde is looking for David Gordon. I guess he didn't see Holly Rowe's interview with him during the Notre Dame game.


Darius said...

Forde has made laziness into a fine art. What other kind of so-called journalist but the laziest of lazy guys would actually manage to create a regular bit into his columns where readers catch HIM up on some sports figure? That's supposed to be a sports journalist's job. It's bad enough that he doesn't make the calls around to track someone down, but then (1)to have others do it for you, (2) regularly...

That's just pathetic.

AO said...

Maybe he wasn't watching the absolute doozy that was BC 17, ND 0. Forde is one of my favorite writers, and his APB is actually a feature I enjoy thoroughly, a few weeks ago he found Long Island great Amos Zeroue, who I remembered watching at Mepham HS way back when.