Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Assessing expansion and other links

This article takes a deeper look at the winners and losers of the ACC expansion. BC is clearly in a better place than we were or would have been if we stayed in the new Big East. (Thanks to Brian for the link.)

I am a little late on this link, but Kevin Armstrong had a good piece on Spaz over the weekend. (Thanks to Tom for the link.)

The NY Times actually had some BC-BU coverage.

It looks like Charlie Davies is going move up to another level in European soccer.

The people in Boise are looking forward to their new bowl affiliations.


Claver2010 said...

"the bowl has developed a reputation among ACC coaches and players are a good trip with great hospitality."


BeantownBC85 said...

Are we doing better now in the ACC, reputation and financially? I'm sure.

But call me crazy. I think we could have had back-to-back BCS bowl appearances if we were still in the Big East.

Big Jack Krack said...

Beantown - I'm not sure we would have had many of the younger players if we were still in the Big East.

tow2nd2none said...

If I read that article on Charlie Davies correctly, he's scored 14 of his team's 15 goals on the season? Is that even real?

He needs to be on the US national team full time!

chicagofire1871 said...

He'll get his shot. I've read that he will likely be included in the team that goes to South Africa for the Confederations Cup next summer as the precursor to the World Cup.

eagleinexile said...

Oh, I think we have fared better in the new ACC than we would have staying in the BigEast. Look what happened to Syracuse? They used to be a National Powerhouse and now they are one of the worst teams in the country. BC Football has not been as low as they are now since '78. West Virginia really got lucky, they recruited two of the best college football players around, had them stay all 4 years and had all the competition leave at the same time. It's no wonder they went to a couple BCS games, and truth be told, I do not know if we would have stopped them. But you are about to see the Moutaineer's fall off a cliff when Pat White leaves. His senior year was not great without Slaton or Rodriguez. The Big East has really elevated historically mediocre programs into some mild success (Louisville, Rutgers, UConn, Cincy). Pitt has done all right for itself, despite hiring one of the worst coaches in history, and their program has had more success than BC historically, but they could have easily become like 'Cuse. After all, Pitt was the Big East doormat of the 90's.

As for Boise, the less said the better. If you're going to play a Bowl game in the middle of nowhere in a cold climate and usually play the home team, we might as well have the Gillete Bowl down at Foxboro. BC could play in it every year, our fans would probably travel, and visiting Boston is probably a bigger draw than Boise, even in winter. Nothing agains the people of Boise, I have been there and it is nice, but if you're not from there, there is little reason to go, especially when it's cold.

BCNorCal07 said...

Reading the Charlie Davies article, he's scored 14 and the club that wants him has only scored 15. That would be his future club. Still ridiculous. Basically, they need him because they're in danger of relegation.