Friday, December 12, 2008

Bowl ticket sales and other links

Although the game features two private schools, ticket sales for the Music City Bowl have been surprisingly decent. BC expects to sell 5,000, which considering we sold 6,000 for Orlando last year, is a nice showing.

This kicking recruit's story is a little different. I don't care about his age, his grades or his nationality. Can he make a 35-yard field goal?

Recent football commit Oday Aboushi had a change of heart.

The Sailing team got attention from the mainstream press today! It is overdue as they continue to win every year.

Jared Dudley talks about his recent trade in this article. (Thanks to Brendan for the link.)

One new Timberwolves coach Kevin McHale's priorities is to get Craig Smith more minutes.


Andrea Martin said...

BC needs to do a little more to pump themselves up a bit. although we only sold 6k to Orlando, we clearly had more fans than that, and I am usually someone who thinks other people overestimate actual # of people in attendance. MSU only sold about 12.5K to Orlando, but they easily had 20k fans.

We need Gene to say in the media, BC sold approx 6k tickets, but we brought at least 9-10k as people bought from other sources. help get that perception out there. tickets are so much cheaper through other venues, that many people do take that route.

For the ACCCG, no way to make excuses. I estimated about 2-2,500 BC fans. Each section had 650 seats, and I saw three full sections, plus stragglers in other sections. But I think the ticket sales to Nashville, being far ahead of those to Tampa, show that its difficult to make plans on one weeks notice and that a lot of people skipped Tampa b/c they planned on going to a bowl game over the holidays

Ted H said...

we are in some real trouble recuiting wise. This olineman that we have lost was one of our better recruits. How many spots do we still have open?

ATL_eagle said...


I wouldn't worry about oline. I think this staff has proven they have a good eye for talent at that position. I do worry about the numbers for this class. It will be small but I would hope they use all scholarships. With injuries sometimes you just need bodies.

Anonymous said...

Regarding recruiting: I had a long conversation yesterday with a guy who played football at Michigan State under Saban. He told about just how dirty recruiting is at big time programs, especially for blue chip skill players. Payments to players, their parents, promises of no class and guaranteed grades etc.

I've always suspected that BC just couldn't recruit with the other powers under these circumstances, but this really confirmed it to me. There's really no way we can expect to have a team model other than the one we have, namely, recruiting hard-working, overlooked "BC guys," and coaching them up so they improve over the four years they're here. And, frankly, there's no way we can criticize Jag for failing to get 4 and 5 star recruits.

EasyRider said...

I really think that BC needs to reevaluate its system if it plans to increase the amount of tickets they sell. I will be attending this bowl, my first, but I was forced to purchase my tickets from a third party source to guarantee getting good seats. I really would've liked to buy them from BC, it's just something I hope they look at in the future.

On a side note, I just wanted to say that I was disappointed Herzlich didn't win the Butkus award. I don't think as strong an argument can be made for the kid from Wake Forest. I seriously hope he stays for next year. It would go a long way in helping the defense transition after losing the two best DT's in the country.