Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boyd update and other links

One of ESPN's recruiting gurus predicts Tajh Boyd will end up at BC.

The Gridiron Club honored Jags and Herzy.

For those who missed it, here were the winners at the team dinner.

Here are some suggestions for those headed to Nashville.

This preview expects us to beat Vandy.

Nathan Gerbe will miss at least two weeks of action due to a vaguely described "upper body" injury.

The ACC put more guys in the Pro Bowl than any other conference.


LAEagle said...

Boyd would be huge. You gotta love BC's chances with Williams and that WR (Brown I think?) if we land Boyd...

Anonymous said...

I just woke up and saw the promotional video for the Music City Bowl...It is quite funny cause I can't stop but think who are the "savants" behind this video. I would not necessarily hype up the game with Vandy as "one last chance".

It has to be another Gene D and the three blind mice production.

I also just woke up today and have fears of us losing to Vandy and our bowl streak being snapped by a 6-6 team. It is one thing to lose in the Orange Bowl to a respected team but to way!

I really hope Jags has instilled some confidence in Davis because we could be in for a bumpy ride for the next 3 years with Davis at the helm and Steve Blowgan running the offense.