Monday, December 15, 2008

South Carolina Upstate explained and other links

Curious as to why we actually played South Carolina Upstate? It seems that Gene wanted to give back to the school that gave him his start as an AD. No objection here. Tune ups come in all shapes and sizes so rationalizing it by giving old friends a nice pay day is fine. It is the same thing we did for Tim O’Shea and Bryant last week.

Tyler Roche made the most of his opportunity to get back on the court (Herald, Globe). No one (including me) gave much thought to Rice’s abbreviated day. I am concerned about his odd and disappointing play of late. Whether it is frustration, boredom, or some unknown outside distraction, I am hoping he shakes it off soon.

HD took a look back at our season.

Southern Pigskin put Herzy on their All America list.

In this clip Ditka gushes about Ryan and even throws a little credit to Flutie.


downtown_resident said...

Later in the day Trent Dilfer said Ryan's rookie season is the best he's seen in his 18 years in the game, and that he is the next "super, super, superstar" in the league. Pretty cool.

Ry said...

i really really really hope all this matt ryan talk isn't premature. the last thing i want is to see him become a punchline

Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations to Mark - it's funny that one of our guys would make the Team.

Agree about Ryan, Ry - give the guy a break and just let him play. Give the accolades at the end of the season.