Wednesday, January 21, 2009 gets new look and other links

BC's official website unveiled a new design Tuesday. I think the colors pop a bit more and the navigation, buttons and links are all a bit cleaner and more intuitive. This is a definite improvement. They also have a links section to BC-related stories...wonder where they got that idea?

Corey Raji had a strong night but BJ is the Raji having a really good week. He's probably working his way into the Top 15 of the draft.

BC guy Tim O'Shea's program at Bryant is taking baby steps.

Ayla Brown will sing the national anthem at the American Hockey League All-Star Game.

Former BC coaching bridesmaid Mark Whipple is a candidate for Miami's open offensive coordinator job.

Jags has emerged as a leading candidate for the 49ers open offensive coordinator job. Regardless of how you feel about him, Jags getting hired is a good thing as it would reduce BC's financial obligation to our former coach.


AJR said...

Here's a BC-related coaching update that probably won't be covered by ESPN, but is noteworthy, nonetheless. Stephen Boyd, former Eagle and three-time Pro-Bowler with the Detroit Lions, was named the head varsity football coach at Chaminade High School, an all-boys Catholic high school on Long Island, NY. Congrats, Coach Boyd. Go Flyers!

(open pdf doc for announcement)

CT said...

Pretty good article on on the state of recruiting in college football. It offers up a couple of interesting nuggets about what factors attract recruits to specific schools (other than geography).

mod34b said...
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AJR said...

mod34b -

Indeed, a solid BC connection.

St. Anthony's is likewise held in high esteem by the Chaminade community. While it might be a better 'sigh' school than Chaminade, there is no better 'high' school, Catholic or otherwise, on Long Island than Chaminade. (sorry - had to do left it right there for the taking.)

mod34b said...
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Unknown said...

Matt Ryan is going Hollywood - he's made

EL MIZ said...
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BCDisco said...

That's a video heckler if I've ever seen one.