Monday, January 19, 2009

Raji, Brace turning heads and other links

The reports are trickling out of the Senior Bowl and it is reinforcing what we already know: Raji and Brace are very good. Of the two, Raji is drawing more acclaim.

In the later part of this article Dillon Quinn explains why he may want to play for Cincinnati.

Dr. Saturday wonders what the future holds for the spread. Under Logan, BC was 'spread'-ish. His rumored replacement, Ryan Day, has also worked with a variety of spread guys like Chip Kelley and Urban Meyer. I am less concerned with the spread and more concerned that our new OC keeps the current blocking philosophy. Speaking of blocking -- Jack Bicknell won't be the next UMass coach. Let's hope he stays on at BC.

This blogger thinks he knows how the basketball team can turn things around.

HD has her overrated and underrated looks at the ACC season, yet not much attention is paid to BC.


dixieagle said...

Senior Bowl week is always fun down here in Mobile. I'm going to try to go see the North squad practice. It's great to see B.C. players doing well, which they certainly are.

Raj said...

that basketball analysis by the guys on bleacher report is atrocious. Narrowing it down to our big men is absolutely ridiculous.
I could take any statistic and say its the key to us winning. Turnovers in the first half, going down double digits at any point in the game. Any of these factor could have contributed to our loss.

Let's be honest this team is streaky, and our offense doesnt suit our personnel. There isnt one reason why we lose games, but one thing is that our intensity is lacking, which leads to periods where our offense ends up settling for fadeaway jumpers or 30 foot threes.
Until we play 40 mins hard, i dont expect to win.

Bill Simmons' BC Rejection Letter said...

I watched some of the Senior Bowl practice coverage on NFL Network yesterday. Raji was tearing people up in the 1:1's with both power and quickness. The announcers seemed to think he should easily go first round. Brace showed some strong power moves and they were saying that he'd be a good fit as a NT in a 3-4 scheme. The consensus seemed to be that they were both highly regarded in a draft that is seen as somewhat weak at DT.

CT said...

ha, nice moniker.

bill simmons' rejection letter.

i don't get people's fascination with him, but each his/her own. his inferiority complex wrt to bc certainly doesn't do holy cross proud. dude has some insecurity issues or mommy issues.

a "sports guy" who knows very little about college football? hmm....

oh, that's right, he's a boston guy...if there's a more myopic town, i have yet to find it...

raji would be a great fit here in atlanta and would fit an area of need. but i'm beginning to think he may not be around in the mid 20's when the falcons pick. i think atlanta should adopt a bc bias like they have an anti-va. tech bias of late.

good luck raji and brace! make us proud.