Monday, February 16, 2009

The day after and other links

The Globe gave the Duke win an extra bit of coverage (even Ryan writing from Florida). Here is the breakdown, Benbow's good game piece, Blaudschun on Duquette's Duke prep, Shaughnessy on Al downplaying the win, and Ryan capturing the unpredictable nature of this team. The Herald's coverage was a bit thin.

In other news...

Josh Beekman is reaching out to youth groups and talking about Black History Month.

The hockey team's weekend wasn't as good as the basketball's. Although they salvaged a tie after Friday night's disaster.

Brace is ready for the combine and climbing up draft boards.

Could Raji end up being yet another Eagle in Atlanta?


BCMike said...

Only Boob Ryan can shit on a great story like this by starting with the word "Harvard".

We get it already.

Can a school emancipate itself from an alum? Man, would that ever be great. If Ryan was a BU grad, his actions would make perfect sense...

Joe Grav said...

I thought it was a good piece by Ryan.

eagle1331 said...

I've never bought tickets for an away game before... does anyone know if there is a "BC" section for the game at UM this weekend, and how I'd get tickets in it?

eaglesnest1194 said...

How about Sports Final on channel 4 not even running any highlights!!! ...good column on

ClassO10 said...

I am "the big kid in the Matt Ryan jersey" and I am proud that BC won so I could wrap up Tyrese like it was 4th and goal.

Adam said...

eagle1331 - call the BC ticket office. If they have tix they'll be with all the other BC fans at the game.

Nick said...

Just wanna get something off my chest...

Joe Lunardi is ABSURD. After the Duke win, BC moves from a 12 seed on Friday, to an 11 seed (which, ok, is fine, whatever), but these are his comments when one clicks on BC:

"Boston College
Laugh at the Eagles if you must, but they join Wake Forest as the only teams to beat both North Carolina and Duke. BC lives to fight another day.

Seed Report:
S-Curve history: NR (Nov. 12), 81 (Dec. 23), 40 (Jan. 5), 45 (Jan. 12), 68 (Jan. 19), 72 (Jan. 26), 34 (Feb. 2), 32 (Feb. 6), 35 (Feb. 9), 46 (Feb. 13), 42 (Feb. 16).

Bracket Bytes:
Odds to remain in NCAA field: 45 percent."

'Laugh at the Eagles if you must?' Who the balls is laughing at us right now? Is he STILL talking about the Harvard game a month and a half ago? We beat Duke YESTERDAY.

And 45% chance to remain in the tournament? What on Earth? Does that mean there's a 55% chance we're gonna go 1-3 or 0-4 down the stretch with an upset loss in the first round of the ACC tourney?

I think my biggest pet peeve re: analysts on ESPN is the reluctance to admit fault - i.e., (totally hypothetically) when the Seahawks are 3-8 in Week 12 and Mark Schlereth says something like "Well, I picked the Seahawks at the beginning of the season, so I'm going to stick with them."

Lunardi has been saying the whole year that BC wouldn't touch the tournament (as recently as Friday, in a ESPN chat). After yesterday, it appears they still don't have a coinflip's chance. Mr. Lunardi, I believe it's time to remove yourself from your own nuts. Thanks.

CT said...

We still need at least one more regular season win to get in (to assure 8-8 in conference). With the ups and downs this year, nothing is a given. We have lost four in a row this year. And the only thing this season has taught me is how inconsistent this particular team is.

At Miami
At NC State
vs. Fla. State
vs. Ga. Tech

Awesome win yesterday. I'm gonna get all Big Jack Krack on you and say, "let's use this to get on a roll! Let's support the team in the last two home games! Let's all go to the ACC tourney in Atlanta! Let's support our TEAM!"

On a somewhat unrelated note, Stewart Mandell has BC's football coaching change in his Top 10 Offseason College Football Storylines to Watch article on

bcsuperfan08 said...

fair point about ESPN but I think, as BC fans, we are focusing only on the good numbers rather than BC's resume as a whole. RPI and SOS are not definitive factors but are very important and history does not look too kindly on SOS and RPI of 40+ and 50+.
If only win one or two games over the remainder these numbers are not getting any better and the ACC tournament could be huge.

Brablc said...

Decent article by Andy Katz. He seems to be on our side more than most.

Rice was on the ESPN CB podcast with Katz as well.

Here's the link to the article:

Eagle in Brighton said...

Storming the court video...

Darius said...

Katz is as close to a BC homer as ESPN has, and I appreciate him for it. Not that I derive my self-worth from what a silly sports network has to say about my team, but they do have the loudest voice in the stadium, it's generally dismissive of BC, and too many people buy into their hype/spin/angle.

johnoatesforthree said...

Todd McShay of ESPN had Raji at #4 in his mock draft on today's Sportscenter. That'd be pretty awesome.

johnoatesforthree said...

And I think Ryan is a good BC alumnus.