Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hockey still alive and other links

BC beat Providence 4-1 Friday night. The win assures BC a spot in the Hockey East tournament. Their resume is probably too spotty to get an at large bid but they could win their way into the NCAA Tournament by running the table at the HE Tourney.

Here is a Q&A with Luke Kuechly -- one of the stars of Spaz's first recruiting class.

I am a big fan of the Smart Football blog. This is an interesting piece on risk taking in college football. One of the reasons I think Jags succeeded the past two years was his often high risk strategy when it came to offense and special teams. I wonder how those two years of taking chances will influence Spaz's conservative nature.

The baseball team is off to a great start in Florida.

Even the Philly media is starting to rethink Mamula's legacy.

The ACC released its Spring Football Prospectus. The Orlando Sentinel also provided a preview of our team as we head into Spring.

Both the men and women's sailing teams begin their season in the Top 5 of their respective polls.

I'm probably too focused on the big revenue sports on this blog so I occasionally fail to mention important moments like the BC Fencing Team winning the New England Championship this week. For more on fencing, check out this feature in BC magazine.

The women's basketball team continues to have trouble with the elite ACC teams. With the loss to Maryland, they are now below .500 in ACC play.


Greg said...

Thanks for giving a nod to the fencing team. I fenced at BC from 97 - 01, and there always seemed to be a good group of people on the team (and we helped to bring up the GPA for BC athletes!). It is great to see them having a good year.

Anonymous said...

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