Monday, March 16, 2009

Announcers and gametime and other links

Gus Johnson and Len Elmore will call the game Friday night. The tip off is 7:20 ET. I love the pairing and love the time slot.

The LA Times had a quick breakdown of the game.

Sunday's baseball games against Georgia Tech got washed out.


Nick said...

Riiiiiiiceeee for the WIIIIiiiiIIIINNNNNN....

Adam M. said...

I don't love the time slot. The Hockey East Semifinal game against BU is at 8:00 pm at the Garden, and I want to watch the basketball game too!

Erik said...

I like it. Its better than during work.

Nick P. said...

The hockey team plays at 8, so Friday's television schedule presents match up problems. I think I'm going to head to a bar so I can watch both games at once.

eagleboston said...

I'm thinking about taking the family on the 5 hour drive up to Minneapolis to see the game. I will miss all of the Friday afternoon games but it is not often BC plays in the NCAA close to home.

We went to the bowl game in Charlotte a couple years ago and had a great time.

matthew2 said...

So I need some chatter about this tourney to satisfy my craving... What do we think are keys to a magical cindarella run?

I think we all want to see Sanders get on a nice roll here.

I would say we need 3 ingredients. Big game from either Rice or Sanders. Key minutes and bench production from either Paris or Jackson. Inside defense and rebounding from Southern/Trapani.

Raji seems to be pretty consistent, never really high or really low.

We need a fairly consistent effort across the board, and I like our chances. If we have 1 guy out of each of those 3 pairings step up in a given game, I think we are a formidable opponent.

As difficult as it is to watch our Eagles play sometimes... think about how it must be mentally for other teams to defend us? Also, we talk about how sometimes we are mismatched against athletic guys, etc.... but think about this --

what about the mismatches that we create? None of our players seem to fit a specific position. We have a shooting guard that can rebound. A power forward that can stretch defenses. A small forward that will out-smart anyone on the offensive glass.

Our star PG can easily play 2 guard, and our backup PG can handle the offense just fine.

At any given time, we can have a lineup that looks like 4 guards (Paris, Rice, Jackson, Sanders...).

All that being said, maybe Courtney Dunn will put up a line of 5 points, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks and a steal in 15 minutes.

Nothing would surprise me about this team, so why not dream big?

JERZeagle said...

i am apologizing in advance for looking forward but...

this is the perfect situation the boston college basketball program can be in for the future.

our sophs are getting big time tournament experience against top flight teams in both the acc and big dance. they will receive the big dome where nobody knows you exists away game experience. they will face a pac-10 team. and they will be back for two more runs.

if skinner can start to consistently sign and retain recruits in these next two years our program can reach new heights. the issue is though that skinner has to get recruits every year. if not our program will have a dormant stage every 2-3 years like last year.

all in all, looking forward i expect big things.

nowto look at the matchup against USC. I have no idea what to expect. I dont follow the pac-10 and the players out there are of a different pedigree. what i do know is that if we beat USC we match up with izzo and the spartans.

Now izzo, other than boeheim and gary williams, might be one of the best tournament coaches. his teams always come to play in the playoffs. but the one thing that makes my mouth water for this game is that msu likes to play a physical brand of basketball that i haven't seen in the acc other than from BC. the big-10 is just a pound and in your face fest. thats the way skinner and bc likes to play. i say if we get by usc it will BE ON.

Groundhog said...

why did josh southern have to give us the kiss of death in that interview? i know he was searching for something to say to the reporters but come on!! Don't say you're excited to play michigan state!!

CT said...

I think the key to a magical run would be to play with 6 players.

Matthew, I think you've hit the essentials in terms of what we need for a special run. We got those things in the Duke game on Friday. I'm just afraid that those very same traits are too few and far between in terms of frequency to get overly optimistic.

Look, for me, this is gravy. This first round game. Can we win? I'm sure. Can we lose? Yes. I think people are forgetting that, even late in the season (NCSU, Ga. Tech), we were still inconsistent, bad against the press, disorganized inbounding the ball, prone to scoring droughts and silly turnovers. The Duke game kind of (prematurely) washed that all away, it seems.

But, we're also gritty and have some heart.

I just don't know which team will show up. Nobody has figured this team out, in reality.

The Good BC showed against UVA and Duke. But that doesn't obfuscate what for me is the most frustrating aspect of this season--to look capable in one game and completely lost the next.

Al Skinner teams don't change--they don't panic and they find ways to hang in against more "athletic" teams by playing what used to be considered rough-and-tumble Big East basketball. If they can do that Friday night, put three good games back-to-back-back, then maybe I'll be more optimistic about the Sweet 16. But they haven't really done that down the stretch quite yet and USC has.

I'm really hoping Rakim Sanders comes to play. I do think he's the "X" factor in any possible run we might make. I could be wrong, though.

I would agree that things look pretty bright for the future.

College Slam Dunk & 3-Point said...

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